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Maria Reich Energiefeld Coach schaut in die Ferne mit einer Hand auf dem Herzen liegend

My Heart
Is My Guide
I Follow It's
Call & Express
Myself Freely

without shame & without compromise

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Hello beautiful soul

I am deligthed that you are here.

It is my mission to support people on their path in life-changing phases and to lead them close to their heart during this process. My work is based on two pillars:

Transformative Energy Work & Coaching.

I open a space for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. When we allow ourselves to feel, we reconnect with our heart. I help my clients to let go of things that block them and make it difficult to move forward in life, working with efficient, gentle methods such as the EmotionCode® & BodyCode™.

Let's have a free check-in call (30-45min) to see how I can best support you.

Warm greetings


Energy Coaching
& Consultation
When A New Path
Is Calling You


What problems do I help to solve?

I feel powerless, tired, heavy


Lack of energy



Little capacity

Quickly irritated

Unable to make decisions

Low capability


My nervous system is overworked


High stress level


Tendency to be anxious

Not being able to relax

Being overwhelmed

Short attention span

Thoughts are stuck in the past or future


I live in a rollercoaster of emotions



Feeling of dissolution

Lost in chaos

Uncontrollable meltdown

Not being able to draw boundaries for myself

No grounding

Questioning everything

Deep longing to arrive




Disconnected from the heart

Unable to cry

Fear of one's own feelings



Stuck in the head

Distanced from life



I want to let go of the past now



Fear of the unknown

Not quite trusting the positive change yet


Existential fears

Wanting to move forward, but it just hasn't worked so far

Tingling in the fingers to finally get going


I am afraid to be myself



Inner pressure

Insecurity to speak my own truth

Little self-confidence

Lack of strength

Protective strategies to hide own insecurity

More in the child ego than in the adult ego


Transformative EnerGY Coaching & Consultation



After a get-to-know-you call and after you have filled out a questionnaire, we meet online via Zoom or live on location in Portugal Aljezur.

We set a clear goal for your transformative journey so that you can eventually walk through "your new door" with more confidence and courage and feel empowered for your next quantum leap in life.







We have a short check-in and then dive into the current core issue that is most calling for attention. Depending on what shows up, I will then apply Transformative Energy Work.

After each session you will receive a short follow up email summarising the key approaches and themes from the session.







Dissolve trapped emotions

Reduce emotional baggage

Dissolve energetic blockages

Dissolve the heart wall

Bringing disbalances/ imbalances into balance

Reducing inner pressure/tension

Clearing the field from entities

Cleansing the energy field

Cutting cords (e.g. to ex-partners)

Inner child work

Bringing what feels unclear into consciousness

Expressing the unsaid, what is weighing down the soul

Support in clarifying interpersonal issues

Clearing the energy field

Defining goals in concrete terms

Receiving important insights for the soul's path

Re-integrating rejected inner parts into the system





Applied methods




Heart wall dissolution with the EmotionCode®.

Matrix Transformation Method

Transformative healing journeys to the inner child

Spinal balancing treatment

Clairvoyance for deeper Insights


All methods can be effectively applied remotely as we work in the subtle field.




How does it work?


The four circles outside all influence each other and the field in the middle is the outcome of this. All information is stored in it. When this field is changed, it affects thoughts, feelings, body and spirit. It is an activation process that gets things rolling and moving and boosts the self-healing powers.

In this way, enormous shortcuts can be taken on the individual path of healing to more happiness, tranquillity and contentment.

Important Note

Sessions with me are not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapeutic work. I am not a doctor, psychologist, alternative practitioner or healer. Please take full responsibility for yourself.

If you suffer from acute illness or heavy psychosomatic difficulties, choose a team of people with whom you can work holistically on your healing: medical doctor, alternative practitioner, nutritionist, psychologist, therapist, yoga therapist, etc.


Me & My Heart

“Me & My Heart”

An energetic journey on which I help you to move forward on your path with more ease and clarity. During this time I give you tail wind and help you to energetically dissolve the biggest blockages so that you can listen to and follow your heart with even more trust.

5x 90min Session
Transformative Energy Coaching  & Consultation
In 5 Weeks



Contract Agreements

It is recommended to make binding appointments in advance, for instance 1x a week at the same time. Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the start of the appointment, otherwise the appointment is cancelled and no refund is possible. The session contingent expires irrevocably after 7 weeks from the first appointment. This allows a two-week flexibility window.

You will receive an invoice by mail after the first call.

After payment has been received, cancellation is no longer possible.

Bye, Bye Heart Wall

Bye, Bye Heart Wall

Our heart is a storeroom for memories and feelings.

The greater the number of hurtful, dangerous or unpredictable situations our heart has been exposed to, the more layers of heart wall surround it and protect it from even more pain and attack. Unconsciously, we lock in emotions in that way and isolate ourselves.

Negative effects of the heart wall

Feeling numb

Feeling isolated & not belonging

Making mental decisions


Lack of freedom


Less joy in life

Positive effects of heart wall dissolution*

Feeling more connected & closer to people

Giving & receiving love more freely

Emotions flow more easily

More self-confidence

More joy in life

More inner peace

Making real decisions from the heart

 Feeling lighter & happier in general!

* The positive effects listed here are of course not a promise. They are based on my experiences through working with clients and on information from the book.

Information From the Emotion Code Book

Positive effects often occur gradually over a period of time

30% feel significant changes immediately

93% of people have a heart wall

In many cases of sometimes heavy depression, after releasing the trapped emotions and removing the heart walls, we could observe how the depression disappeared forever". (S.312)

Source: "The EmotionsCode", Bradley Nelson, 13th edition 2021, VAK Verlags GmbH



5x 45min Session
Heart Wall Dissolution
 with the EmotionCode®

Contract Agreements

It is not possible to plan how many layers of the heart wall can be dissolved in a single session. It can be two, it can be ten. This offer is based on my experience. If the heart wall is already completely dissolved before the 5th session, I will offer you other energetic applications in the other open sessions, e.g. a regular EmotionCode session. If you need 1-2 more sessions until the complete dissolution of your heart wall (unlikely), then you agree to book these additionally afterwards (125EUR per session). This sets a clear intention for you that you are ready to let go of your heart wall completely.


At the end of each session we test how many days your system needs to process the dissolution of the heart wall layers. This creates a flowing schedule. The session contingent expires automatically after 12 weeks from the first appointment.


Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the start of the appointment, otherwise the appointment is cancelled and no refund is possible.


You will receive an invoice by email after the first check-in-call or after written consent that you would like to book the package.

Cancellation is no longer possible after the payment has been received.


Miriam O.


A good year ago, my journey to myself began. Maria has accompanied me as a coach and mentor ever since. I can hardly put into words how much Maria helps and has helped me with her presence and her work. Already at our first session, we went very deep:

I immediately felt super comfortable, was able to open up very easily and within the first hour directly uncovered old beliefs, felt emotions that I had long buried and released old patterns and blocks. For me it was an incredible experience. I was fascinated by her calm, clear, focused way and it felt like she could read me and my subconscious. Maria always hits the nail on the head, has a sense of which topic is up and which can wait and is incredibly gentle but efficient in her sessions.

After a session with Maria, I feel like after a storm - detached, "unloaded", calm, peaceful. She helps me in so many areas of my life, brings me into my power, into peace with myself, and motivates me immensely in walking my soul path. Although we have never met in real life, I feel very connected to this incredible woman and am immensely grateful that our life paths have crossed.

When we had our first session, I was totally overwhelmed by my feelings. For me you are a person which can see much more than I can see myself. You see things - I don't know how - that simply strengthen me inside and that do so much good. I have also discovered a spiritual vein in me that I knew nothing about.

Our sessions take me so much further on my personal journey and I feel strengthened in all directions. With each session my path becomes clearer and clearer.

You are my mentor and I trust you completely. I have learned so much in this short time and I am infinitely grateful to you. I feel many more things that I never noticed before, as if you opened a door with me. You also made me realize that I can accomplish anything if I trust in it and turn my thoughts to the positive.

Steffi Z.
November 2022


June 2022


You have been with me for a long time now. Whenever I'm not feeling well or I have a big problem, you are there for me. I've already had very difficult phases in my life, in which I completely changed my path, including letting go of my marriage, and you accompanied me in all these points.

You helped me a lot to deal with the pain and the feelings. In my opinion, your methods are absolutely effective and to the point. You are a great advisor and mentor who I can no longer imagine being at my side without. Since you have been working with me, I have felt a lot lighter and freer. I have more energy, love and live life to the fullest and am absolutely happy that I can experience it like this.

Valentina S.
JuLY 2022


I was already able to experience several sessions with  wonderful Maria, in which we worked with the Emotion Code. In these sessions we dissolved my heart wall, among other things. I felt lighter, calmer and happier after each session. I feel that I can live in a more spontaneous free way again. I experience more fullness and contentment and can let my feelings and sensations flow with confidence. I would recommend the dissolution of the heart wall to anyone who wants to free themselves from burdens, be it physical, mental or emotional.
Maria is in my eyes very professional, efficient and simply a wonderful soul. It is enriching to see and hear her every time, even if it was "only" online for me so far. Every session with her has enriched me and my life so far. Thank you!

Jennifer Z
August 2022


My session with Maria woke up an internal part of me I didn't realize was being suppressed: my emotional body. In my life/spiritual journey I've been focusing so hard on how I am not only my thoughts and feelings, but in the process I have been suppressing them and it was making me numb. It had been so long since I was in touch with them I didn't know how to release them.

Maria gave me the space, support, and guidance on how to let it all out. I had no idea how much weight I was lugging around with me. After one (life) session with her I could feel again and I could feel the way to releasing the stored weight. It reconnected me to myself and my own internal gifts that were unwrapped in the session.

I highly recommend her work, and even if you don't think you need it, you might be needing it more than you think.

August 2022

The sessions with Maria have especially helped me to free myself from old patterns and blockages and to go through life more emotionally stable. She helped me to recognize my own value and to represent it to the outside world. As a result, I am standing much more steady in life again. After the sessions I felt strengthened in who I am and what I do. I was especially helped by the feeling of not being alone.

Every single session made me feel more self-confident immediately. This state lasted longer and longer as the number of sessions increased. Maria supported me in a consultative and professional way to dissolve old patterns and thereby become more content with myself. At first I was skeptical whether this form of counseling would help me in my situation. After the first session, however, I was convinced that this would be exactly the right way to make lasting changes in my life and find more satisfaction.

June 2022


Maria has been accompanying me on my path for almost two and a half years now and first of all I am very grateful for that. Due to the versatility of her work, she supported me on many levels during this time. Through Maria I was able to look at and dissolve some old patterns. She also brought me back to the subject of the “inner child” and to trust into life as soon as I had secretly turned away from it.

Bit by bit my life becomes clearer and more stable. I feel safer in many things and enjoy the time with myself even more. I am particularly grateful to Maria that I can feel this deep inner connection through her and with her.



Christina S
November 2022

The sessions with Maria support my process by always picking me up where I am. Through her empathic and soft way, she feels where I am right now and adjusts to me. Through her work, she has shown me new ways of thinking that continue to guide me on my personal journey.

I feel safe and seen with Maria because she is also human and accessible and supports me in this way.

Mareike P.
December 2022

In the sessions we focused on my heart space and dissolved my heart walls with the help of the Emotion Code. This was a very liberating process. My core themes were the release of old patterns and blockages, finding clarity for my own soul path as well as for relationships with others, insights into my own truth, understanding current important messages that have presented themselves to me in dreams. After a session I always felt positively exhausted, as so much had been resolved and at the same time new possibilities were revealed. Thanks to the work with the Emotion Code I was able to make important decisions in my life: I now have a dog and quit my job. I live more from the heart and am more the creator of my life.


I love Maria's sessions because she doesn't just "pushes through the issue". For example, we wanted to work with the Emotion Code and then all of a sudden we were working on the dissolution of my dreams, as that topic was much more on my mind. She sees the person holistically and recognizes the patterns, which she dissolves intuitively, emphatically, sympathetically and professionally. The sessions are also trusting, intense, deep and help to understand important messages. The beautiful meditation and energy work she does is also a dreamlike journey into the inner self. I can only recommend Maria's work and wish for everyone an openness to face their own issues. Only then inner healing can begin to take place.

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