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Maria Reich in Astavakrasana Asana Yogahaltung

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Maria Reich gibt Yogaschülerin im Sand HandsOn im Drehsitz

“The More People Do Yoga, The More Healing There Will Be In The World.”

Since 2016 I have been teaching a dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga as a certified teacher (500H).

For me, yoga has been "the door" on my spiritual journey, which I walked through in my 21st year. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't roll out my mat in the morning. The list of positive effects that this ancient teaching brings is endless, because a balanced practice fills every area of life with prana: body, mind, emotions, soul.

Breathe into the real greatness
Increase capacity
Land in the body
Build up inner strength
Returning to the Basics
Raising the frequency
Connecting to the divine
Feeling secure in oneself

Maria Reichs Hand auf dem Rücken der Yogaschülerin Nahaufnahme

Current Yoga Courses


All courses that I am currently offering will be published here.

Maria Reich und Yogaschülerin im Sand im Kind Balasana



I couldn't imagine doing yoga in front of a screen before Covid, now I'm super glad, because yoga is currently my most important resource (before Covid only at HP and particularly with you). Your way of speaking from the heart about your experiences and sharing them with us in a completely undisguised manner has always impressed me and also opened up my first, more in-depth approach to yoga. I thank you for that!

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