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Designing unforgettable, beautiful spaces and touching people deeply with them has been my greatest wish since I was 13 years old. 10 years later I had successfully completed my B.A. in interior design, but then immersed into the advertising world in Cologne. I had forgotten my dream of being an interior designer or maybe I just didn't believe in it any more.

My soul found no fulfilment in the superficial advertising world, which is much less creative than I thought. I returned from Cologne to my home in Berlin, where I started freelancing in graphic design, marketing and event management. That went quite well, but I had more fun working in a vegan café on the side and being with people than sitting alone in front of a computer with an endless to-do list.



My anchor and refuge that I could always refer back to during these years was my yoga mat. The practice nourished me and helped me to find myself again and again - until today. In 2015, I finally started the yoga training at Spirit Yoga in Berlin and knew in every cell of me that this was my path.

With "Holy Moly Yoga" I had taken the leap into self-employment one year later and felt like I had arrived for the first time in life. From then on I worked as a full-time yoga teacher and offered retreats and workshops. Every single class was a gift and brought me joy, I never imagined that you could have so much fun working. Today I still teach a dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga style with a lot of passion and joy.



In 2016, I met my mentor Susanne Ihde. She owns a successful natural healing practice in Berlin and provides peerless help to people with her work. I was able to learn from her that everything is fine-matter or energy. She showed me how I can change energy fields in a simple way by feeling it with my hands and senses and with the power of intention, so that other people feel better. Thereby Susanne Ihde had opened the door for me to the unlimited potential of energy healing - which is available to everyone - and still holds it open for me today.

For this I am eternally grateful to her from the bottom of my heart.


Being with the people

Today I see myself as someone who does not design or decorate external spaces, but who takes care of people's inner spaces. It fills me with humbleness that I have arrived at this point and that I am able to put myself completely at the service of people, to be close to them and to be there for them.


I support my clients with Transformative Energy Work & Coaching, especially in life transition phases, on their own personal healing path, so that they can follow their heart's journey with more courage and tailwind and walk the path that is completely right for them.

Maria Reich im weißen Kleid frontal fotografiert mit geschlossenen Augen die Arme leicht geöffnet


My soul was called to Portugal in 2021 and so I followed this call. Feeling the power of the Atlantic Ocean every day and bathing in it has changed my cell structure a lot. The frequencies down here vibrate very differently than those of a big city.

After 1.5 years I can say that my nervous system needed this transformation. A lot of things that had previously burdened my system could be healed here - sometimes just by being quietly alone by the sea.


I have not designed a fixed life plan for myself and I am no longer looking for one. Instead, I open my arms trustfully to life and to the continuing journey into the unknown.

At the end of 2023, I returned to my home in Berlin.

I'm looking forward to being close to my roots again and to my clients and yogis here.

Interior design I Bachelor of Arts
YOGA Teacher TRAINING 200H I Patricia Thielemann
HOLY MOLY YOGA I new path as fulltime yoga teacher
Thai Yoga Massage BASIc I Krishnataki
Matrix Quantum Healing COURSEI Susanne Ihde
HUMAN & living ENVIRONMENT COURSE pro energetic I Walter Wittmann
matrix energetics COURSE I Dr. Richard Bartlett
Akashic Records TraininG I Gabrielle Orr
YOGA Teacher TRAINING 300H I Patricia Thielemann 
Emotion code Certified Practitioner I Dr. Bradley Nelson

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