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Maria Reich am Atlantischen Ozean im weißen Kleid von hinten fotografiert



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Maria Reich seitliches Profilfoto den Kopf in Richtung Himmel hebend mit geschlossenen Augen

“I am
asking God
to surround
you with
his love”

Hände von Maria Reich vor dem Herzen geschlossen für ein Gebet

“I request
to receive

You may think of Akashic Records as one ETERNAL library, where all information about you is online. When we connect to the Akashic Records, the energy and frequency increases noticeably. I read for you from this high-vibrating field by opening your chronicle through a prayer. I will deliver soul messages for you, that you are ready to hear.

An Akashic Chronicle reading is a special gift to yourself, which will keep your soul vibrating in love far beyond.


1. we make an appointment for an online reading via zoom or for a live reading, please fill out the contact form

2. you prepare 2-3 questions that are currently pounding in your heart the most, we will discuss these before

3. opening of the reading with the Akashic Chronicle Prayer​

4. warm welcoming by your personal masters and teachers

5. receiving valuable soul messages and clear answers to your questions for 60 to max. 90 minutes, you are invited to take notes, this is your personal script with which you can continue to work for a long time afterwards in order to sustainably increase your vibration and thus create the desired changes in life​

6. short follow-up talk

“An Akashic Records Reading Can Be An Arrow Pointing At The New Door In Your Life That You Are Invited To Walk Finally Through.”


Akashic Records
90-120 mins

inluding Mp3 recording


Price includes 19% VAT.

Maria Reich mit geschlossenen Augen im weißen Kleid die Arme geöffnet

Anna-Lena B.
May 2021

Hello dear Maria
At first I didn't know what to expect from an Akashic Records reading, but the session with you totally convinced me. During the reading, I felt comfortable at all times thanks to your wonderfully pleasant and open manner and great communication. I have a tip for everyone who would like to take part in a reading: Take your time, go into your heart and think about the questions that you would like to have answered very well and precisely. Then you should get clear answers that really help you. In this way I got my answers very clearly and can therefore continue on my way with renewed confidence.
All the best to Portugal, Anna-Lena

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